Beautiful Souls

Costa Brava, an anonymous refuge for money launderers, counterfeiters and other petty criminals. Three people living in a fool’s paradise until they break open their beautiful souls to each other and set free the savage forces of the underworld.

Beautiful Souls

Freddy (35) is a chancer who has never really grown up or had a proper job. One day he scrapes together enough money to head south in search of the relaxed life; his old friend Johannes gets him a job with Herbert, who owns a club and occasionally helps out drifters. Freddy's job is to look after Herbert’s villa while he's away. Before long Freddy is thoroughly enjoying this paradise, and he even manages to make some money on the side by renting the property out to a porn film company. But when Herbert returns unexpectedly in the middle of filming and has to rescue the stoned Freddy from the pool, it looks as though the good times are over for our hero. However, to Freddy's amazement Herbert takes an indulgent, paternal attitude to the whole thing and even offers Freddy a job behind the bar in his club. As a small punishment, though, Freddy's first task is to recruit a few girls as amateur dancers. Freddy accosts several likely candidates, but the only one who turns up that evening is the mysterious Nico, and soon things become complicated. Nico’s past threatens to catch up with her, and Freddie's disappointing mother also turns up, just as Herbert is exposed to danger that reveals a dark side to his character. It looks as though Freddy’s moral limits are to be tested. Then Herbert is found in his villa with a bullet through his head, and everyone who knew him is a potential suspect. Suddenly what looked like a community of outsiders is reduced to its individual components, and Freddie has no alternative: he’ll have to stand on his own two feet at last. But that's something Freddy has never been able to do.

August Diehl


Julia Meyer, Tom Schreiber


Tom Schreiber


Ingmar Trost (Sutor Kolonko)
Jörg Schulze (maze pictures)

co-production with

Frank Evers (cine plus Filmproduktion)

supported by

Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, VFF