Sunshine Eyes


Berlin, spring 2020. A city in Lockdown. The two sisters Leonie (14) and Lea (16), separated after the death of their mother ten years earlier, are looking forward to living together with their grandmother Edda. But mixed with the anticipation is disturbing news from Wuhan, China. It is not long before the virus reaches Edda's household and the sisters are confronted with dramatic changes. Lea wants to protect Leonie, but is trapped in an impossible situation. She reaches out for help, but everyone around her is starring in their own lockdown dramas.

Laetitia Adrian

Barry Atsma

Stephanie Eidt

Juliane Köhler

Stefan Kurt

Nina Petri

Tyron Ricketts

Jana Julia Roth

Tim Seyfi

written and directed by

Maria von Heland


directors of photography

Cristian Pirjol

Sten Mende



Sylvain Coutandain

Soren Ebbe



Philipp Kreuzer (maze pictures)

Dorothe Beinemeier (Red Balloon Film)

Maria von Heland

Eric Holland

Johnny West 



Series Mania 2022

Seriencamp 2021