Three Lives Long

in post production

A parentless boy in search of stability, a coke dealer in a scramble for power and a heavy alcoholic full of longing for love fight for their lives in the drug milieu. The decision of one leads to the fate of the other, and the downward spiral spirals rapidly towards the abyss.

Jonas Nay

André Hennicke

Paula Essam

Maj-Britt Klenke

Friedmann Weber

Ava R.

Peter Lohmeyer

written and directed by

Felicitas Korn


directors of photography

Julia Hönemann

Julian Steiner 



Philipp Kreuzer (maze pictures)

Katrin Haase, Karl Eberhard Schäfer (U5)


supported by

HessenFilm und Medien



ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel